“Sam Smith and Kim Petras Release Duet Song ‘Unholy'”

Sam Smith and Kim Petras Release Duet Song “Unholy”

Exciting news for music lovers! The talented artists Sam Smith and Kim Petras have joined forces to release a new duet song titled “Unholy.” This collaboration has been highly anticipated by fans of both artists, and it is sure to be a hit.

Sam Smith is a well-known British singer-songwriter who has made a name for themselves with their soulful and emotional ballads. Their powerful vocals and heartfelt lyrics have resonated with millions of listeners around the world. Kim Petras, on the other hand, is a rising star in the pop music scene. Known for her catchy hooks and infectious energy, she has quickly gained a dedicated fanbase.

“Unholy” is a track that combines the best of both artists’ styles. It is a powerful and emotive song that showcases their vocal talents and storytelling abilities. The lyrics delve into themes of love, heartbreak, and the complexity of human emotions. The production is top-notch, with a blend of haunting melodies and impactful beats.

The Collaboration

The collaboration between Sam Smith and Kim Petras came about organically. Both artists have expressed their admiration for each other’s work in previous interviews, and fans have been eagerly awaiting a collaboration between the two. When they finally came together to create “Unholy,” it was a match made in musical heaven.

Sam Smith and Kim Petras have different musical styles, but they complement each other perfectly on this track. Their voices blend seamlessly, creating a mesmerizing and captivating listening experience. The chemistry between them is palpable, and it is clear that they have poured their hearts and souls into this collaboration.

Hoodsound Magazine’s Exclusive Interview

In an exclusive interview with Hoodsound Magazine, Sam Smith and Kim Petras opened up about the process of creating “Unholy” and their experience working together. They spoke about the inspiration behind the song and how it reflects their personal journeys as artists.

Sam Smith shared, “Working with Kim Petras was a dream come true. I have always admired her unique sound and the way she fearlessly expresses herself through her music. When we started working on ‘Unholy,’ we wanted to create something that was honest and vulnerable. I think we achieved that, and I am incredibly proud of what we have created.”

Kim Petras added, “Sam has been a huge inspiration to me, so collaborating with them was a surreal experience. We wanted to create a song that would resonate with listeners on a deep level. ‘Unholy’ is about embracing our flaws and finding beauty in the darkness. I hope it connects with people and makes them feel understood.”


The release of Sam Smith and Kim Petras’ duet song “Unholy” is an exciting moment for music lovers everywhere. This collaboration showcases the incredible talent and artistry of both artists. The song is a powerful and emotional journey that is sure to resonate with listeners.

Be sure to check out “Unholy” on your favorite streaming platforms and support these amazing artists. This is just the beginning for Sam Smith and Kim Petras, and we can’t wait to see what they have in store for us in the future.

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