Transphobia in New Zealand: Shift from Online to Real Life


Transphobia, the prejudice and discrimination against transgender individuals, is not limited to online spaces. In New Zealand, there has been a concerning shift where trans-exclusionary radical feminists (TERFs) are feeling more empowered to act on their hate publicly. This rise in transphobic incidents has been further fueled by the recent release of Shaneel Lal’s book, which has brought these individuals out of hiding.

The Online Battle

Online platforms have long been breeding grounds for hate speech and discrimination, and the transgender community has been a frequent target. Transphobic comments, slurs, and misinformation have plagued social media platforms, discussion forums, and comment sections. While the online battle against transphobia continues, it is disheartening to witness its spillage into real-life situations.

TERFs in New Zealand

TERFs, or trans-exclusionary radical feminists, are a subset of feminists who deny the validity of transgender identities and actively work against transgender rights. In New Zealand, TERFs have become increasingly vocal and visible in recent years. Their beliefs are rooted in the idea that transgender women are not “real” women, therefore excluding them from feminist spaces and advocacy.

The Empowerment of TERFs

One of the factors contributing to the rise of transphobic incidents in New Zealand is the sense of empowerment felt by TERFs. They have found validation and support through online communities and platforms that amplify their harmful rhetoric. This newfound confidence has emboldened them to take their hate offline, targeting transgender individuals in public spaces and events.

Shaneel Lal’s Book

Shaneel Lal, a prominent TERF in New Zealand, recently published a book that has further fueled the transphobic sentiments in the country. The book promotes harmful stereotypes and misinformation about transgender individuals, reinforcing the TERF ideology. Lal’s book has garnered attention and support from like-minded individuals, providing them with a platform to express their transphobia openly.

The Impact on Transgender Community

The increasing visibility of transphobia in New Zealand has had a profound impact on the transgender community. Transgender individuals are facing heightened levels of discrimination, harassment, and even violence. They are being denied access to public spaces, facing employment discrimination, and experiencing verbal and physical attacks. The psychological toll on the transgender community cannot be underestimated.

Addressing Transphobia

It is crucial for New Zealand society to address and combat transphobia effectively. Education and awareness campaigns are essential in dispelling myths and promoting understanding of transgender identities. Organizations and support groups that advocate for transgender rights should be given the resources and platforms to amplify their voices and fight against discrimination.

Legislation and Policy Changes

Legislation and policy changes are necessary to protect transgender individuals from discrimination and violence. New Zealand should consider implementing comprehensive hate crime laws that specifically include gender identity as a protected characteristic. Additionally, ensuring that transgender individuals have legal protections in areas such as employment, housing, and healthcare is crucial in creating a more inclusive society.


The rise of transphobia in New Zealand, particularly the shift from online to real-life incidents, is a concerning trend. TERFs feeling more empowered to act on their hate publicly, combined with the influence of Shaneel Lal’s book, has created a hostile environment for the transgender community Elanggame. It is imperative that society takes a stand against transphobia and works towards creating a more inclusive and accepting culture for all.

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